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CAPITAL is proficient in working in occupied and operational facilities on highly secured facilities. In fact, many of our employees are already cleared and badged at numerous local City, State, and Federal organizations.


We provide our project teams with the administrative and equipment support necessary to maximize efficiency.

Structural, Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Architectural & Utility Construction | Design-Build | Design-Bid-Build | New Construction | Renovations & Tenant Improvements | Single & Multi-story Facilities | Interior & Exterior Construction | SCIF Construction & Repairs | Bollards | Fencing | HVAC/CRAC Unit Installation | Roadway & Parking Lot Paving & Repair | Sheet Metal | Roofing | Sidewalk, Curb, & Pad Construction and Other Concrete services | Painting | Facility Foundations | Life Safety Systems | Earthwork & Grading | Forced Entry/Barrier Resistant (FEBR) | Anti Terrorism/Force Protection | Traffic Control | Landscaping | Carpentry | Welding | SWPPP Erosion Control | Demolition | LEED Certification


The Capital Electrical Division is a commercial and utility grade service provider.

Preventative Maintenance Programs | Interior & Exterior Electrical Rewiring | Conduit & Piping Installation | Grounding | Lightning Protection | Electrical Panel Upgrades & Installations | Upstream/Downstream Load Determination | Underground & Overhead Electrical Services | Energy Sustainability Retrofits | Generator Installation, Repair & Replacement | Primary and Secondary Distribution | LED Lighting Upgrades | Ductbanks | AMRS Meters | Manholes and Vaults | Building Automation Systems | Power Pole Placement | Street & Parking Area Pole Lights | Site Surveys | Sports Lighting | Landscape Lighting | Electrical Components including Ground Rods, Transformers, Switchgears, Panels & Generators | Electric Meters | Solar Farm Installations | Medium Voltage | Root Cause Analysis | Integration & Licensing Points | Power Outage Scheduling | Meter Commissioning | 24/7 Emergency Services


Capital’s Utility Division provides Underground Residential Electric Distribution and Electric Terminations | Installation, Removal and Relocation of Underground Residential Distribution Streetlight Poles and Cable | Installation of Underground Infrastructure Facilities | Streetlight Maintenance | Overhead Electric Services | Electric Underground Temporary & Permanent Services | URD Work |Replacement of URD transformers | Replacement of aging single phase underground primary cable | Replacement aging secondary cable in existing residential subdivisions and apartments| Replace risers | Infrastructure Work | Provide underground three-phase infrastructure | Overhead to underground conversion | Installation of manholes | Installation of primary duct banks | Construction concrete slabs for switch gear transformers Streetlight Work | Maintenance and repair services for existing streetlight systems | Assemble, install, disassemble and remove or relocate streetlight poles with foundations | Installing streetlight heads with luminaires, brackets, or mast arms, photo electric cells, fuse holders, fuses, mounting bolts, and hardware



CAPITAL’s Plumbing Division specializes in commercial and utility grade new construction, renovations, and repairs as well as natural gas infrastructure installation.

Leaks & Clogs | Plumbing Valves & Meters | Installation of Lavatories, Toilets, Urinals & Fixtures | Water Heaters | Sewer Line Repairs | Video Pipe Inspection (Certified) | Water Line Installations & Repairs | Drain Line Cleaning | Backflow Prevention | Fire Hydrants | BAC-FLO Testing (BPAT)| Roof Drain Installation & Repair | Hydro-Jetting | Sump Pump Installation & Repair | Water Mains | Underground Water, Sewer, Gas Distribution Lines |  Ultrasonic Testing of Cast Iron Pipes | Capping of Toilets, Sink Drains & Water Supply | Fire Sprinkler Installation | Grinder Pump Installation | Sprinkler Systems | Septic Tanks | Installation of Plumbing Distribution Systems | Irrigation | Gas Meters | Fuel Gas and Medical Distribution Systems | 24/7 Emergency Services


Capital Electric Service and Special Projects Group is a team that focuses on quality & efficiency, and takes pride in its work to satisfy our customers on all projects.

Capital’s Service & Special Projects Division consists of experts who provide our customers with a portfolio of projects ranging from low and high voltage service and installations, power distribution, EV charging stations, energy efficiency and lighting, data centers, infrastructure of security and access controls, installation of light pole bases and solar pole lights, preventative maintenance, controls and 24-hour emergency call-outs. Our team has over 20 years experience and continues to grow strong partnerships with general contractors, private owners, and developers throughout a diverse set of industries including: city/public works, education, utility, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, and transportation.

All of our electrical and plumbing Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Service Department via email at [email protected] or by telephone at (210) 681-0954.