Security Hill B-2000 HVAC Renovation Projects

Location: Lackland Air Force Base, TX
Owner: 802nd CONS/LGCA Lackland AFB, Texas
Contract Value: $1,921,880.59
Completion Date: 7/29/13
Customer: 802nd CONS/LGCA Lackland AFB, Texas
Category: Electrical / Construction / Design/Build

HJD Capital Electric, Inc was contracted by 802nd CONS/LGCA to design and install HVAC equipment, including equipment selection, design surveys, validate calculations and provide as built drawings to replace antiquated constant volume HVAC units for Wings 3B, 3C, 3D and 3E on the 3rd floor of Building 2000 (Security Hill). The contract included replacement of the HVAC system in Room 321B the Secure COMM/Data server room and to replace the double glass door and modify the HVAC at the access control point for AFISRA Headquarters compound. Air Force escorts were required during construction to maintain building security requirements.

Air Force personnel located in the work areas could not be completely relocated to complete the work. This required phasing of work to allow for temporary relocation and close coordination with Building Security and Air Force Command to relocate affected personnel and to provide escorts for work crews.

KELL 11-0119C Upgrade 3rd Floor HVAC – Work consisted of removal and replacement of the 3rd floor HVAC with a variable air volume (VAV) HVAC system including replacement of all components, supply and return ductwork, diffusers, grills and louvers, removal of the chilled and hot water system, all controls, all electrical supply, and repair/patch roof. Security escorts were provided by the Air Force on a daily basis.

KELL 11-0125B Repair HVAC Room 321B – The COMM/Data racks remained in service during repairs and were covered to prevent damage and dust accumulation. Temporary cooling was supplied to maintain the room air temperature at 65%. Existing HVAC equipment was removed from the building roof along with the room ceiling and all equipment such as diffusers, grills and louvers. Two new Computer Room Air Conditioning units (CRAC) were installed along with a new electrical supply panel and wiring, new ceiling, ductwork, diffusers, grills and louvers. Testing and balancing was performed to achieve the designed airflow and temperature. Security escorts were provided by the Air Force on a daily basis.

KELL 12-0051 Install Double Glass Door/Modify HVAC, B2001 – Two new double glass doors were installed in the main entryway into Building 2000. Work included demolition of existing doors, installation of new doors, alarm activation and emergency power supply from an existing generator. Existing finishes were patched and repaired to pre-existing conditions. A new 60 amp, 3-phase load center was provided for operation of the doors. A new HVAC system was installed including all ductwork, diffusers and grills. Additionally a new exhaust vent system was installed on the entryway roof to remove hot air from the attic area. Security escorts were provided by the Air Force on a daily basis.

Primary Role
Self-Performed: All Project Management, Safety and Health, as well as Quality Control, demolition, new ceilings and finishes, electrical panels and wiring were performed by Capital. Percentage 50%

Photo provided by Lackland AFB Facebook

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