Medical & Education Training Center (METC)

Location: Fort Sam Houston, TX
Owner: US Army
Contract Value: $6,769,933.26
Completion Date: 02/01/2013
Customer: US Army Corps of Engineers, Southwestern Division, Fort Worth District
Category: Construction / Design/Build

This was a Design/Build project to install path lighting, landscaping, signage and other key features which contributed to the creation of an integrated learning environment for the Medical Education Training Campus (METC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The overall cost magnitude of the project was $6,769,933.26.

A Task Order under the IDIQ MATOC for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division for design-build, design-bid-build, and construction services with an estimated total workload value of $50 million.

HJD Capital Electric, Inc. Construction Division was contracted by USACE to design/build troop walks, primary walkways, lighting, landscaping, signage, and other features contributing to the creation of an integrated learning environment for METC at Fort Sam Houston, TX. HJD worked with Slay Engineering (Civil) and Barker Engineering (Electrical) to construct their design for the project. Troop walks ranged from four-foot to twenty-foot slabs. The project was part of an instructional campus for relocated and consolidated joint service medical training. The scope of work included bollards and pole lights, building wayfinding, and pedestrian signage, ADA crosswalks, pre-engineered bus stops, a 1500 occupancy amphitheater with concrete seating and landscaping, detention pond repairs, dumpster pads, landscaping, parking for 100 spaces, and concrete paver installation. All work complied with base ADA standards and included handicap ramps and handrails where applicable.

During the project, parking areas and underground utilities were demolished. Water lines to fire hydrants were rerouted and electrical lines were run underground to provide power to new troop lights. New buildings on the campus were under construction by multiple contractors on separate schedules. HJD Capital Electric, Inc. coordinated work with each of the projects so each portion of the work, as it relates to the other campus projects, was constructed and completed on the same schedule as the project to which it relates.

• SWPPP erosion control and BMPs
• Construction of a new HMA parking lot
• Construction of detention pond
• New ADA crosswalks with lighting
• Demolition of underground utilities
• Site grading
• Phased construction
• New bus stop shelters
• Earthwork
• Traffic control
• New curbs & gutters

• Demolition of parking lots
• Construction of new roads concrete & HMA
• New troop walk &parking lot lights
• New traffic signals, new signage
• Rerouting existing utilities
• Installation of secondary electrical lines
• New stormwater inlets, outlets, and piping
• New amphitheater construction
• Road & parking lot striping
• Landscaping & irrigation
• AT/FP seating walls and retaining walls

This project has 33 government driven modifications for design and construction of additional walks and drives, stairs, lighting and a
detention pond.

Self-Performed: HJD Capital Electric self-performed all Project Management, Safety and Health, as well as Quality Control. Additionally, they self-performed all clearing and grubbing and site work, underground electrical and plumbing, installation of pre-engineered bus stops, concrete seating in the amphitheater, detention pond and stormwater inlets and outlets, some paving with painting and striping.

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