Audie L Murphy Memorial VA Hospital Renovation & New Addition

Location: Audie L Murphy Memorial VA Hospital, San Antonio, TX
Owner: Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System Floors 3-7
Contract Value: $289,026.00
Completion Date: 03/2013
Customer: Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System
Category: Electrical

HJD Capital was contracted to work on the expansion of emergency power on tower floors 3 through 7 at the Audie L Murphy VA hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The scope of work included the previously mentioned floors and a total of 15 transformers and 60 panels. The work was conducted in an ongoing hospital environment, therefore site specific plans included an Infection Control Plan with the standard Safety Plan. Negative Air Pressure and HEPA Filters were utilized throughout the project duration. Mats were used while locating the panels and transformers in the interstitial to prevent items from falling through the next floor. Precautions were taken for dust control as well.

The project began with the demolition of the existing panel boards, transformers, feeders and breakers. New supports were provided for conduits, panel boards, circuit breakers and transformers prior to the installation of the new equipment, which was replaced while still maintaining the integrity of the existing branch circuit to be reconnected. Ten new panels were added and double feeds were implemented in some transformers to spread the load. For each of the 60 panels, Capital coordinated the transfer of the lines to an alternative power source. Within a 4 – 6 hour time frame, the old system was removed and the new system was connected back to the original power source. As-build drawings were be provided upon closeout.

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