A Growing Partnership for the Future of Construction

A Growing Partnership for the Future of Construction

CAPITAL staff gathered earlier last year to brainstorm and find inspiring methods of attracting new motived electricians, engineers and project managers.

Recent history and industry statistics told us that this segment of the population is hard to find due to Eagle Ford Shale. CAPITAL like other small companies are vigilantly looking for skilled staff willing to put in the work and make a difference within their city. Any small business owner and/or team would find this a very challenging task, but CAPITAL staff believes more small businesses need to accept this role in order to provoke movement in our time of shortage. Ideally, each small business would take on a portion of the cause to inspire and develop new skilled staff for the city’s future construction workforce.

Alamo College logoAfter much deliberation on the subject and expectation were plotted, CAPITAL was motivated to join forces with Alamo Colleges to host engineering and electrical interns. These interns would help foster a more fruitful workforce over time while keeping the company vigilant in the small business community. Overall it would provide job opportunities to new industry comers and second career students.

The Alamo Colleges Internship Program is an initiative designed program to enable the Alamo Colleges student to develop career-related skills in his/her field of interest and enrich their educational experience by establishing a pool of relevant internship opportunities; this pipeline made up of skillful individuals desiring to become world-class educated and trained employees for the future of San Antonio.

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